NMH Framework Document

The objective of the Non-medical Helper (NMH) Provider: QAF includes standard operating procedures to provide guidance for NMH providers offering services in the English student support package (including DSAs administered by Student Finance England and the Open University), and funded by the Department for Education (DfE).

The NMH provider will be audited on a regular 12-24 monthly interval depending on the size and range of services offered by the provider. The audit measures compliance to the QAF, by implementing QAF Policies and Procedures. The NMH providers which are audited and successfully meet the criteria will achieve accreditation.

Please see the link below to the relevant document:

Non-medical Helper Provider QAF -  pdf NMH Quality Assurance Framework V1.3 (930 KB)

Note: Should you require the framework document in any other accessible format, please contact administration@dsa-qag.org.uk with details of your requirement and we will be happy to assist.