DSA-QAG has collated the Q & A sessions from the three roadshows held in London and Birmingham. The responses provided by DSA-QAG, DfE and SFE colleagues are noted against each question.

The Q&A table in the link below is split into two sections -

  • Section 1 - this refers to the Q&A sessions from the roadshows
  • Section 2 - this refers to the additional questions raised by NMH providers

There are actions noted against each organisation where an answer was not available on the day or where an action was raised through the discussions. For actions allocated to DSA-QAG, we will provide a follow-up response in due course. Any actions allocated to DfE or SFE will be responded to by each organisation.

CEO communication 03/11/17

NMH Roadshow Q&A Feedback

Please see below for the responses from the organisations who had actions recorded in the Q&A Feedback.

SFE - Response to Roadshow

DSA-QAG - Response to Roadshow

DFE - Response to follow