PLEASE NOTE: The rates review due to open on 20th June 2019 has been postponed until July. The period when the portal will be open will be updated shortly.

Welcome to the Rates Review Portal

As outlined in the Quality Assurance Framework (QAF), provision has been made to allow Non-Medical Help (NMH) Providers an opportunity to revise their hourly NMH charge rates on a quarterly basis.

As indicated in the QAF, point 1.8, the portal is open from 20th to 25th inclusive, please note, where either of these days fall on a non-working day, the date will move to the previous working day. If you miss the window to update your rates, you will not be able to complete this process until the next period.

Please note, you do not have to complete this process if your rates have not changed.

We will subsequently publish your revised rates on the 1st working day of the following month, for example, the portal opens at 09:00 on Thursday 20th September, and closes at 17:00 on Tuesday 25th September, the revised rates will be published on Monday 1st October.

Please note: for organisations who maintain rates on their own website you must follow the same timescales. An NMH Provider’s registration to DSA-QAG will be temporarily suspended for an organisation who does not adhere to the prescribed timescales.

Please see the table below for the timetable.


Portal Opening Date

Portal Closure Date

Rates Published Date

December 2018Monday 10th DecemberFriday 14th DecemberFriday 21st December
March 2019Wednesday 20th MarchMonday 25th MarchMonday 1st April
June 2019 (Postponed to July)Thursday 20th JuneTuesday 25th JuneMonday 1st July
September 2019Friday 20th SeptemberWednesday 25th SeptemberTuesday 1st October
December 2019Monday 9th DecemberFriday 13th DecemberFriday 20th December

Prior to completing the rates review online form, you must ensure you have:

    • Completed the standard NMH rates template with your rates revisions which are effective from the 1st working day of the following month
    • Confirmed that the rates submitted are correct, as no further amendments can be made once submitted to DSA-QAG for publication. Please note, only in exceptional circumstances will DSA-QAG consider reviewing a significant erroneous rates revision.

    To access the online rates facility, please click to continue to the Online Rates Review Portal