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DSA Guidance - Changes to IT Arrangements

The below document details the changes to IT arrangements from 2015/16:

DSA Guidance - Changes to IT Arrangements

Equipment Specification

Following a request from the Department for Education, version 4 of the specification matrix has been re-instated as of 12 April 2018.

DSA Computer Specification Matrix June 2016 v4.0

Standard Quote Guidance

Standard Quote Guidance

Needs Assessment Report

Below is the standard needs assessment report to be used by all QAG registered assessment centres.

NAR Template SLC August 2016 v2 0

NAR Template SFE sample August 2016 v2 0

NAR Template SFE Guidance Document August 2016 v2 0

Needs Assessments Student

This document describes how the Student Loans Company (SLC) assesses the needs of Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) applicants:

SFE DSA Guidance

DSA Continuing DSA Student Guidance 2018/19

SLC Model for Assessing Course Related Needs in the Context of DSA

DSA Overseas Exception - Armed Forces

Student Finance England (SFE) DSAs - Updates for Practitioners

Please click for updates for practitioners

Assessing Students with Mental Health Conditions

Resource for study needs assessors - mental health conditions

Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Assessment Standards Committee ADHD Guidance

SASC ADHD Guidance

SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) Updated guidance on the assessment of Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)/dyspraxia

SASC Updated guidance on the assessment of DCD/dyspraxia

For more information on SASC, please refer to the website.

SASC Website -

Flowchart for Health Checks

Health check - Flowchart

PGP Encryption

Guide to installing and using the free PGP encryption software

Useful Information

Advice Note for Assessors

Guidance on Missed Sessions