Within the quality assurance scheme there are two applicable frameworks.

The objective of the assessment centres: Quality Assurance Framework (QAF), includes standard operating procedures to provide guidance to the assessment centres in England and Wales which facilitates the delivery of a quality assured needs assessment service. This is to ensure that a disabled student receives a high quality service which is timely, effective and meets their needs, at whichever centre they choose to have their assessment done.

All registered assessment centres and outreach centres will be subject to an annual QAF audit. The audit measures the compliance to the QAF, by implementing QAF Policies and Procedures. The centres which are audited and successfully meet the criteria will achieve annual accreditation.

Please see links below to all relevant documents:

Assessment Centre QAF Assessment Centre Quality Assurance Framework v7.1

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For further information, please see the full end-to-end audit process.

Note: Should you require the framework documents in any other accessible format, please contact administration@dsa-qag.org.uk with details of your requirement and we will be happy to assist.