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  • Students seen within 15 working days of contacting centre100%
  • National Average98%
  • Report sent to student or funding body within 10 working days of assessment100%
  • National Average98%
  • Fee £660.00
  • VAT £132.00
  • Total fee £792.00
  • Fees are paid for by your funding body. You will not be personally charged for this assessment.

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Richard Dunston Brady (Ref: 3692)
I had my assessment a while ago now for my Master's degree and more recently a review as I have transferred to a research-based course. My assessor was so nice and helpful. As a mature student, I had no idea I needed this level of help but my assessor was fantastic in explaining everything and taking me through the assessment process. Throughout, Broadbents and my assessor, have been very supportive and quick at responding to any questions or issues which have cropped up. Broadbents have been a vital for my learning whilst back at University. Thank you all so much.
James (Ref: 3550)
What a simple easy assessment. When I heard the word 'assessment' I thought... oh no not another one as being like a rabbit in headlights with the process. How wrong was I? The informal chat was the most mind easing thing ever. My assessor went though all the possible options for me and went though how they would benefit my education. We had a talk about my initial assessment and brought it back to real life scenarios not just univeristy work. My assessor let me try the equipment out and went above and beyond to ensure that they had the correct sofwear for my specific course. Broadbent & Co were so quick to repond and managed to get me an appointment within 2 days of DSA getting back to me! My assessor made me feel at ease and made me feel confident about starting assigments. My assessor actually listened to my needs and put things in place that she thought would be beneficial. I would highly recomend this company to any students needing a needs assessment carried out!!
Linda (Ref: 3305)
I had an assessment a few months ago. Im not very good using a computer. The receptionist at broadbent company helped me sort everything out after I had my assessment. The things that needed completing on the computer were too difficult for me to do. When I rang Broadbents company the receptionist offered straight away to help with the computer things.I am very gratefull. Everything has been sorted out for me and my support worker is now being arranged for start of course on 6th October. The receptionist was lovely and knows absolutley everything about computers.They didnt mind helping at all. Thank you very much
Debs (Ref: 3217)
What a brilliant assessment. I have come out of it knowing I can do this. The assessor was so helpful, reassuring and supportive. Offered lots of tips and advice on how to help me study. Showed me some of the recommended software and how to use it and how it might help. I was so apprehensive about the appointment but now I feel really positive and cannot wait to start my course. The assessor was lovely, delightful and friendly. They told me I could take a break whenever needed, but they were so nice I didn't need to. The assessor acted like they wanted what was best for me, to help me progress. I suffer from anxiety and depression but I will definitely say to anyone in a similar position, please do not worry, this assessment was very smooth and easy. Its like chatting to a friend it felt so natural. With tips, advice and the recommendations given, I feel more positive than ever that I am making the right decision to go back to study (even at my ripe old age of 50!) Thank you for making the process so smooth and reassuring. You have made me even more excited about being a student.
Bob (Ref: 3201)
Today I had an assessment and the assessor was amazing. The assessor is such a nice person and makes you feel so comfortable, definitely calmed my nerves and happy to stay in touch if I ever need help. Thank you.
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Map & Directions to HD1 3DH