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  • Students seen within 15 working days of contacting centre100%
  • National Average98%
  • Report sent to student or funding body within 10 working days of assessment100%
  • National Average96%
  • Fee £650.00
  • VAT £0.00
  • Total fee £650.00
  • Fees are paid for by your funding body. You will not be personally charged for this assessment.

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Michael T (Ref: 4505)
My assessment was very straight forward, very professional and the staff very friendly, was immediately offered a brew. People attending this venue will be very surprised how smoothly it all went. If this is something that is worrying you, DON'T, there is no need to. all was exlained to me and never felt rushed at any point 100% recommended.
stacey (Ref: 3971)
I was quite nervous to attend this assessment however i found it to be really positive and more like a conversation rather than an assessment . Which i found to be calming . Everything that the assessor mentioned I could receive , i did in regards to equipment . A very friendly service that has made my university experience a lot easier , especially with my one to one support . Some equipment training I have already done and i am awaiting some more in the near future .
Donna Ogden (Ref: 3049)
I cannot thank EWS enough, I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. The assessor listened to me and assessed my needs very well as a result of this. The assessor also had quite a good knowledge of my medical issues and the problems associated with them which was most refreshing as this also went a long way to correctly assessing my needs and arrive at the best solutions for them. It also helped me to feel less frustrated about things, as I felt that the assessor had taken the time to consider my condition and actually cared about students getting the correct support. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs this service and rate them very highly, very easy people to deal with and highly competent.
DCole (Ref: 2853)
I came into the assessment centre quite nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I was put at ease straight away and offered a cup of coffee. The assessor was very friendly and welcoming. The assessment lasted an hour and a half and was very thorough, all my questions were answered and the assessor went through the recommendations at the end of the meeting. I highly recommend this assessment centre. Thank you to the assessor for being so helpful and supportive.
Gerwyn (Ref: 2716)
Hi. I'm writing this review to let other students know that they should not be concerned about you DSA assessment interview. Upon arrival, I was immediately offered a nice cup of coffee. After introductions and an explanation what EWS do, the Assessor and I settled down to a general chat about my disabilities and how it might affect my studies, this lasted about an hour and a half, during which I asked for a break. At the end, I was told what the Assessors recommendations would be and I was given a brief introduction to the software that would help me. It was a most relaxed interview. I would recommend EWS to all DSA Applicants.
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