Iona Kent & SE Assessment Centre - University of Kent (Medway) Outreach Centre

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Room G0-05A
University of Kent
Chatham Maritime
Chatham, Kent

  • Students seen within 15 working days of contacting centre100%
  • National Average98%
  • Report sent to student or funding body within 10 working days of assessment100%
  • National Average96%
  • Fee £580.00
  • VAT £116.00
  • Total fee £696.00
  • Fees are paid for by your funding body. You will not be personally charged for this assessment.

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Hayley Hope (Ref: 3858)
I feel so grateful for the support I have received. I contacted the uni to get a needs assessment, but because of breast feeding, anxiety and dyslexia I found this process daunting, but after contacting and explaining my situation I was shocked at the amount of effort to accommodate me in this process. I found myself having to cancel a few times and felt like I was being a bother, but a lovely person continued to try to assist me to attend, helped me to sort documents and was extremely patient and understanding. I honestly feel without their support I would have not managed to attend this appointment and would have lost the chance to continue with my studies. I'm most grateful to them even up to the last 20 minutes of the appointment time I was able to message to get help to where I needed to be. Once at the appointment I was greeted via the needs assessor who again was soooo amazing, they took time to help me control my anxiety and talked me through everything giving me sooo much amazing support on so many levels. Even with me in tears they made me feel they had all the time in the world to support me. I really am grateful. I have come away today feeling hopefully for my academic future for the first time in my life and feel so much gratitude towards the two wonderful people that I feel provided me with such support that I never expected from this process and would advise and recommend this assessment centre to anyone and everyone I meet. Thank you yet again for all your support. I can't explain just how happy I feel due to the amount of understanding and support I've received. Thank you sincerely Hayley Hope
Rach (Ref: 3473)
It is has been a great pleasure for me to be assessed by this center. I felt myself in good hands and the assessor really understood my struggles and they really gave me good advice and solutions to my problem. I was assessed after 1 week of my initial application, which was difficult to find with other center. My assessment report came through after 2 weeks. For a good service and support, I can only suggest IONA Assessments Center to other students.
Lucy (Ref: 3412)
Everyone whom which I have been in contact with, whether via email or in person, has been extremely kind and professional. Without their help I would have never known what I could possibly be entitled to. At first the assessment seems quite daunting, but you are put at ease right away and everyone is very easy to talk to. I am very grateful for all of the help that I have received so far and would highly recommend them to anyone that needs an assessment.
Lisa (Ref: 3175)
I am a mature student and have struggled with my dyslexia for years. I was always put off furthering my education as school in the late 70's did not encourage it. Then I feel in love working in schools and the only way forward was to be brave and try. After my meeting with my assessor I feel that I will be getting great support. I felt like a weight had been lifted and door were opening. I would recommend my assessor without hesitation.
Rowan Carrell (Ref: 3042)
I am a mature student applying for university. I have been quite concerned that my disabilities would really hinder my ability to carry out the next 3 years in education. However my assessor was more than helpful and has provided me with all the information and help I needed and put my mind at rest about a lot of things. Really glad I went for this process
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Map & Directions to ME4 4AG