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  • Delivery of equipment (including set-up & overview) within 10 working days of contacting the supplier87%
  • National Average95%
  • Quotations supplied to assessors within 24hours100%
  • National Average100%

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A let down student. (Ref: 4022)
Worsen company I have personally had dealing with with. I’ve dealt with two other companies which were both good and Iansyst is awful. They don’t answer phones, they cancel appointments and don’t tell you, they aren’t supportive, they hang up the phone on you, don’t inform you about what is happening, send you the wrong equipment, don’t ring you back when you leave voicemails, don’t ring you back when they say they will, equipment installers have a lack of knowledge about laptops, you have to wait ages for training.
Christopher Ackerman (Ref: 3424)
After a three week nightmare trying to arrange an upgrade for my laptop (which caused considerable stress and left me with no way to effectively take notes during lectures) that ended with the original laptop returned to me, I have to say my opinion of Iansyst as a company is extremely low.
Diana Palmer (Ref: 2236)
The hardware I received has been extremely helpful for me in carrying out my studies and some of the software has also been very useful, particularly Inspiration. I had training from two staff members and they were both brilliant at helping me use the equipment and programs, as well as giving me lots of other useful tips for my studying and learning. I have received my best ever marks for my academic work because of this support. It seems that perhaps more trainers are needed as it is necessary to book quite far in advance. It would have been more helpful for me to have the training a bit earlier in the year. However, overall, this support has made a huge difference to my studies and my understanding of my abilities. Also, the technical support I have received over the phone from Iansyst has been excellent.
Shannon (Ref: 2200)
My experience with DSA has been very good. They have been very helpful with setting up my laptop with the software and teaching me how to use it. Whenever there is a problem they are so helpful. All the software I have I use and has helped me so much with my work at University.
Mary Desbruslais (Ref: 2124)
My training from Iansyst excelled at any expectations I had and exceeded them. The trainer was on time, polite, obliging, professional, kind and approachable. The trainer was very enthusiastic about the job and the task at hand, which was very helpful in encouraging me to engage with the new software. It was also good for increasing my confidence in being able to do many of the things I struggle with in a similar way to the trainer who has severe dyslexia and has managed to discern many of their own ways of learning and is therefore good at teaching others - not just directly, but by example he encouraged me to hope in more personal progress in this field and in some others. – The trainer successfully taught me to use the software and, after a 15 min break, asked me to show what I had retained of what they has told me and showed me on Dragon. I remembered most things well and do now. All the software we used functioned successfully and without any problems. The trainer was very inspiring and I liked the fact that the trainer cared about what they were doing rather than simply 'doing for paying' and doing the minimum required in order to fulfil a criteria - it made a VERY big difference which is worth having in all employees, as I'm sure you know and agree. The trainer set a high criteria and this improved the session immensely. The only flaw I would like to point out is that (although it really was wonderful to get to know the trainer and not be sitting next to a stranger. The trainer was very inspiring and clearly put a lot of work in to get to where the trainer is at now), the trainer spent a little too long telling me about their self and ideas rather than other significant things. In all fairness I am not very talkative (though I would rather talk a lot more) so I am saying this mostly to restore a bit of professional balance and leave room for the customer to contribute or for different topics to be shared (customers with DSAs probably have difficulty communicating in this situation so need to be prodded in order to react or bloom socially - especially as the session is focused on our 'weakness' and - probably - one of our main insecurities). Overall, I am very happy and very grateful for all that I received in the session.
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