In addition to sending the report to you, the assessment centre will send a copy of the needs assessment report to your funding body and, with your permission, to the disability officer at your university/college. The funding body will review the report and consider the recommendations made by the assessor against their policy and regulations. After they have reviewed the needs assessment report they will advise you of what has been approved. This information will be sent to you in a letter and will state exactly what equipment and support they have approved for you. An example of a letter can be found here:

Example DSA2 Letter

In this letter you will also be given the individual contact details of each of the providers for any equipment or training which has been approved for you.


It is your responsibility to arrange delivery of equipment or arrange times of training as soon as possible. If there is something within your needs assessment report that has not been approved which you feel you should have, you should contact your assessment centre or the funding body immediately.

Please contact the authorised supplier to arrange for delivery of your equipment, training and services.