Please note: there are some process differences depending on your funding body. For an overview refer to your funding body link below.

When can I apply for my funding?

This process can take up to three months from applying for funding to receiving the appropriate equipment and services.

You should apply as early as possible and there is no need to wait until your course has been confirmed. You can apply at any point in your course, even if there is only a short period of time left.

For information on funding bodies please click here.

Hearing back from the funding body

After your funding body receives the application and evidence they will carry out a review and you will be advised of the following -

  • You have been approved and now require to arrange and attend a needs assessment appointment
  • You require to send further information to support your application
  • You are not eligible for funding

You have been approved

Once you have received your letter from the funding body advising you that you are now approved for funding, you will need to arrange a needs assessment appointment. To find a nearby Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG) approved assessment centre please click here.

Our website gives you contact details and further information about the assessment centres near to you. You will find this useful when choosing where you would like to attend.

You are required to send further information

Your funding body will contact you and advise that either further information is required or they need you to supply more evidence. This does not mean that you are not eligible for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA); it might be something as straightforward as not completing your application form correctly. Please follow their instructions as soon as possible, as any delay will mean you have to wait longer to receive what you are entitled to.

You are not eligible for funding

If you are advised that you are not eligible for DSA you can appeal to your funding body. It may also be helpful at this time to contact your disability officer at your college or university where you are studying as they can offer further assistance, information or guidance on what to do next. For contact details please find your disability officer.